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Slay Summer Ball Make Up

Youโ€™re probably overloaded with so much uni work rn, 7 assignments due and 3 exams to go until summer officially begins! And what better way to end the year than slayinโ€™ at summer ball. Now this look is simple but... Continue Reading →


Gal Talk – Top female judge says drunk girls need to better protect themselves from rapists!

Oh no she didn't! This story has caused a lot of controversy for so many reasons... Lindsey Kushner QC jailed a rapist for six years, and made some bold comments stating that men 'gravitate' towards drunk girls because they believe... Continue Reading →

โ€˜Why I quit social media for good and it was the best decision of my lifeโ€™

Most of us are guilty of waking up in the morning and instantly flicking through Instagram for ages, then coming across something we donโ€™t like, then getting out of bed in a bad mood. Been there too? Well youโ€™re not... Continue Reading →

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