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Slay Summer Ball Make Up

You’re probably overloaded with so much uni work rn, 7 assignments due and 3 exams to go until summer officially begins! And what better way to end the year than slayin’ at summer ball. Now this look is simple but... Continue Reading →


Gal Talk – Top female judge says drunk girls need to better protect themselves from rapists!

Oh no she didn't! This story has caused a lot of controversy for so many reasons... Lindsey Kushner QC jailed a rapist for six years, and made some bold comments stating that men 'gravitate' towards drunk girls because they believe... Continue Reading →

‘Why I quit social media for good and it was the best decision of my life’

Most of us are guilty of waking up in the morning and instantly flicking through Instagram for ages, then coming across something we don’t like, then getting out of bed in a bad mood. Been there too? Well you’re not... Continue Reading →

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